Students analytics

Staff analytics

Families analytics

Attendance analytics

Classes & subjects analytics

Library books analytics

Transport passengers analytics

Fee & Funds analytics

Income & Expenses analytics

Cashbook anayltics

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Student Module

Student management

Homework submission

Exam results

Family Register

Admission Register

Withdrawal Register

Session management

Instant SMS notification

Customizable Student Reports

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Staff Module

Staff management

Staff Portal

Manage Allowances

Manage Deductions

Payment History

Timetable & Curriculum

Instant SMS notification

Customizable Staff Reports

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Front Dask

Visitor Register

Admission Inquiry

Complaint Register

Family Information

Student Information

Instant SMS notification

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Attendance Module

Student Daily Attendance

Staff Daily Attendance

Biometric Attendance (optional)

Daily Attendance Summary

Attendance Register

Attendance Sheet

SMS notification

Customizable Reports

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Classes & Curriculum

Class Management

Sections Management

Curriculum Management

Timetable Management

SMS notification

Customizable Reports

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Fee Module

Fee Concessions

Custom Fee Heads

Advance Fee Collection

1-Click Fee Collection

1-Click Fee slips & challans

1-Click Fee Challan Printing

Scholarship Policy (for colleges only)

Intallment Creation (for colleges only)

Instant SMS notification

Customizable Fee Reports

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Payroll Module

Salary Allowances

Salary Deductions

Custom Payroll Heads

Advance Salary

1-Click Salary Payment

1-Click Payroll Creation

1-Click Salary Slip Printing

Instant SMS notification

Customizable Payroll Reports

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Finance & Accouting

Single & Double Entry Accounting

Chart of Accounts

Bank Payment/Receipt Vouchers

Cash Payment/Receipt Vouchers

Journal / Account Ledgers

Balance Sheet

Trial Balannce

P/L Reports

SMS notification

Customizable Reports

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Exam Module

Daily & Weekly Assessments

Monthly Tests

Terms Management

Final Exams

Award Sheets

Teacher Performance Analysis

1-Click DMC Print

1-Click Accumulative DMC Print

Result SMS notification

Customizable Exam Reports

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Library Module

Book Authors

Book Publishers

Book Types / Racks

Book Items & Stock

Book Issue / Receipts

Customizable Reports

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Transport Module

Pasengers Overview

Student Registration

Staff Registration

Vehicle Managment

Routes Managment

Stop / Stations Managment

Customizable Reports

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Miscellaneous Features

Staff Portal

Student Portal

SMS History

Auto SMS Alerts

Saving Custom Reports

Nearby Regions Managments

Former School Managments

Parents Profession Managments

1-Click Session Promotions

Multiple User Roles & Permissions

Graphical reports & analytics

Master Account for top management

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SKOOLZOOM Education Solution

The Best Solution for Your Institute

Managing an educational institute can be a tricky thing. To be successful, management has to keep track of every aspect of the institute—either its admission campaign or curriculum design, exams or result compilation & distribution, income or expenses, etc. Everything must be managed efficiently. SKOOLZOOM helps you achieve all these goals in a professional way.


Benefits of Using SKOOLZOOM for You

Save Time

It saves the precious time of teachers from regular admin.

Student life-cycle data

It saves entire data of a student life-cycle starting from the pre-admission stage to the day student leave the institute.

Timetable Management

Timetable creation is the most time-consuming activity & SKOOLZOOM helps in creating and managing timetables.

Gradebook Generation

Schools can automate the examination management and grade book generation using SKOOLZOOM.