Library management system

Libraries have become the backbone of any institute as educational standards have risen.

However, keeping track of a large number of catalogs, book entries, registrations, records, and new library cards is difficult. SkoolZoom provides school library management system software to help with everything.

The school library management system software ensures smooth operations and makes use of modern technology such as email and SMS to notify students about future book fairs. It also assists students in quickly locating their preferred books as well as keeping track of their issued books. School management maintains an eye on library faculty members, and school library software boosts efficiency.

Books Recording

The Library module supports book entries, with detailed structure and chapters, management of book sizes with actual dimensions, and information about the authors, the editors, or other book contributors.

Books Charging

SkoolZoom advanced functionality provides also the option for users to be charged or buy books based on specific criteria. Allow your employees to charge specific amounts based on how much the book has been used.

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